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  Session 1: What makes a great romance?

Session 1: What makes a great romance?

  • Basic understanding of story: Lindy Hop (External Plot)
  • Basic understanding of story: Lie Journey (internal plot)
  • Connective tissue: the Romance Plot

A romance that touches the heart of a reader is MORE than just boy meets girl, they fall in love and live Happily Ever After. You're thinking..what? Isn't that exactly what a romance is?



A powerful, heart-tugging romance goes deeper. The romance that moves us is the one that heals the deep wounds of the characters, grants hidden dreams and helps them become better people. A romance plot actually overlays general story structure, so understanding the basics of external and internal story structure is the foundational step to building that romance.

We'll start there with learning basic story structure, or the external plot journey. Then, we'll layer in the powerful inner journey. Finally, in this session, you'll learn how the romance plot works as glue to connect these two journeys together.

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